Prices Botox and Fillers


Botox® or Azzalure® 1 Area

Frown-line or Forehead lines


(Top-up within two weeks included)

Botox® or Azzalure 2 Areas

Frown and Fore-head lines

£230 (Top-up within two weeks included)

Botox® Full Face

Frown lines, Fore headlines, Crow’s feet and additional ears such as Bunny lines, Dimpled chin,  corners of mouth elevation

£280 -£350

(Top-up within two weeks included)

Botox® Men

Men require more Botox due to higher muscle activity. Therefore, we need to charge a higher price.


(Top-up within two weeks included)

Lower face
Jawline, Chin and Neck

(sometimes called: “Nefertiti” lift)
It can be combined with Fat dissolving injections under the chin.
Smoothing Necklines and improving the definition of the jawline.

Dermal Filler

from £ 230/1ml syringe

Treatment costs will be calculated based on a detailed treatment plan.


Color Skin

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