Fat-Dissolving Injections Cincellar +

Cincellar Plus

This is a new generation of painless and very effective fat-dissolving preparations.  In addition to Deoxycholic acid, it contains Carnitine and Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin).
Carnitine plays a role in fat metabolism, and Vit B2 reduces oxidative stress and pain.  Cincellar Plus effectively reduces under-chin fat, jaw-defining and neck slimming. It is also effective in or around the abdominal area (tummy). A course of Cincellar + treatments can yield permanent results.


For people who maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly but can’t shift stubborn fatty pockets – fat-dissolving injections are an incredibly effective way to tone and define the face and body.  Especially in comparison with surgical options such as “Vaser” or laser-assisted fat reduction, this is safer,  less invasive, cheaper, and more effective in certain areas such as the submental area (fat under the chin).

Fat-dissolving injections with Cincellar + are designed for body contouring and not for weight loss.

Cincelar Plus is effective in destroying fat cells, not their shrinkage. Depending on your lifestyle, the treatment is permanent, and there is no yo-yo effect. Also, due to its composition, Cincelar Plus works in two ways:

  1. Lipolysis (Fat cell destruction)
  2. Hypotonic Lipodissolution: Triggering of excessive amounts of water into the normal fat cells causing them to burst

Special features of Cincellar Plus

  1. Can be applied to many areas
  2. Cincellar Plus is not painful and does not need to be mixed with a local anaesthetic.
  3. It has few side effects, such as swelling, bruising or redness
  4. It destroys the fat cells, not shrinking them – there is no yo-yo effect.
  5. It does trigger a mild inflammatory response. That stimulates fibroblasts which in turn produce new collagen, thus improving skin elasticity
  6. Manufactured at a medical equipment GMP facility.

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